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Bareboat Charters are the Ultimate in Freedom & Independence


For those who have boating experience and like the excitement of being your own captain, a Bareboat charter offers the ultimate in freedom and independence – an ideal vacation for experienced sailors and power boaters alike.

Your boating excursions don’t have to be limited to locations close to home, you can extend your nautical adventures to worldwide locations, including the popular British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. On a Bareboat yachting vacation you will explore new islands every day, each one a distinct slice of tropical paradise, all the while enjoying a modern sailboat or power catamaran and its amenities.

Each day’s activities are at your pleasure. Spend the day cruising in steady trade winds and sunshine, snorkel vibrant reefs teeming with marine life, explore islands with a rich history or relax at the local beach bars and restaurants – it’s up to you.

With the support and guidance of a reputable charter company, you are in control of your itinerary and level of activity. Simply choose your crew and let’s start planning!

Qualified boaters can charter a variety of yacht types based on their skills including sailing catamarans, sailing monohulls, and power catamarans all over the world. A bareboat charter offers the ultimate in freedom and independence. Take the helm of a luxurious private sailing or powered catamaran or monohull and plot a course through the most scenic destinations.

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Bareboat Rules


Am I Qualified?

To be qualified to charter a bareboat you need to meet the following requirements:

– Experience sailing a similar yacht that is within 8-10 feet of the yacht you want to charter.

– Experience with applicable boating skills including: navigating, moorings, anchoring, docking, etc.

– For most Mediterranean destinations a license is required to charter a bareboat.


What If I Am Not Qualified To Charter A Bareboat?

If you have some sailing experience, but not enough to meet the requirements, you do have some options:

  • A “Check Out Skipper” – we will arrange for a captain to sail with you on the first day to allow you to become comfortable with the yacht and to go over any skills that you may need a refresher on.
  • Join a flotilla, a group of bareboat yachts with the lead yacht being skippered by a professional captain that can provide guidance to you as needed.
  • If you have no sailing experience, we can arrange for a captain/skipper to accompany you on your bareboat charter or you can choose a crewed charter.


First-Time Charterer?

If you are a first-time bareboat charterer we highly recommend that you consider the British Virgin Islands as your destination. The waters are calm, deep, offer easy navigation, and mooring buoys are plentiful so you never have to anchor.


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