Sailing / Boating

Sailing is a lifestyle. It is a state of mind. Sailing is something that grabs a hold of you and never lets go. It’s a passport to the most beautiful destinations in the world like the Caribbean, Mediterranean, South Pacific and Indian Ocean and Asia. The most memorable vacations are one-of-a-kind instead of commonplace, and that’s exactly what makes yacht charters so exceptional. Once you’ve experienced this type of travel, you finally understand the true meaning of a vacation.

Snorkeling in the Caribbean

Swimming / Snorkeling

Grab your fins and get ready to explore colorful reefs, exotic tropical fish and the most crystal-clear ocean waters anywhere – explore the undersea world. Snorkeling is one of the fun activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family! Snorkeling allows anyone to have fun quickly and at no risk. There’s no need for hours of training before giving it a try it’s instant fun from the very first time you get in the sea! Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t necessary to dive deep underwater in order to admire the aquatic flora and fauna… You can start while staying on the surface. A thousand wonders await you!

Caribbean Vacation Nightlife

Parties / Live Music / Dancing

By day, white-sand beaches, shady divans, and rum concoctions are the inspiration for high-spirited gatherings. When the sun goes down, the night is transformed into something magically exotic with beach party extravaganzas that feature endless culinary delights. Each month the traditional Full Moon Parties are celebrated in the British Virgin Islands at Foxy’s and Trellis Bay, these parties light up the night sky. Brightly costumed Moko Jumbies – local stilt dancers – perform, as do the awe-inspiring fire dancers who wow onlookers with their poi shows. Calypso music plays well into the night, Caribbean fare is served and local artisan wares are on sale, making this party a one-stop shop for good times.

Water Sports Toys

Water Toys

Enhance your vacation experience! Whether you’re on a beach vacation or chartering a boat, water activities will make your vacation extra special! Water sports range from the kayaks to calming paddle boards, that allow you to literally walk on water while enjoying a quiet time with nature, to kite boarding, windsurfing, jet skis, and water skis that give you an adrenaline surge while propelling you across, or above the water.

Scuba Diving in the Caribbean

Scuba Diving

There is no better place to learn scuba diving, than in the pristine waters of the Caribbean. The BVI is world renowned for its warm, clear water, beautiful reefs, colorful tropical fish, sea turtles and historic shipwrecks. All you need to get started with lessons is basic swimming skills and the urge to discover the abundant marine treasures of the BVI! There are a few destinations that are a diving must see including the RMS Rhone, Chikuzen, and Wreck Alley.

Caribbean Cuisine


If you’re sailing you have a nice galley and possibly a BBQ on your yacht, where you can cook some nice meals, or your private yacht has a chef, but don’t forget there are really nice restaurants and bars in the Caribbean you have to try out as well! Each and every restaurant has a different feel and a wide variety of foods. Indulge in some of the local food such as Roty, Conch fritters, Anegada lobster, and fresh fish like tuna, napper, grouper, and mahi mahi. The major anchorages around the BVI and other Caribbean islands offer several bars and restaurants to choose from. Most offer a nice view of the beach or are actually on the beach! The lists are long, but wherever you choose to dine will be top notch.

Shopping during a Caribbean Sailing Vacation


The British Virgin Islands provide a good range of shops for visitors from local artwork and jewelry to gifts and souvenirs. The main shopping area in Tortola is in Road Town although Nanny Cay and the artist community in Trellis Bay are both well worth a visit. Fine art, jewelry, electronics, linens, china, and luxury perfumes are all items that tourists typically stock up on. Edible goods made locally are favored as well, from jams and jellies to spices, rubs, and hot sauces. If you’re looking for the perfect souvenir for a friend, or something special to commemorate your time on the islands, look for a gift handmade locally. Batik, carved dolls and figurines, shell jewelry, and woven bags/ baskets are always a popular and colorful choice.

Hiking in the Caribbean

Hiking/ Rain Forest

Most travelers who visit the Caribbean do so with the intention of finding a beautiful beach to relax and lounge on for the extent of their stay. There are no shortages of great beaches to be found there of course, but for those who prefer to be a bit more active during their holiday, the Caribbean can also offer some surprisingly great hiking options as well. If you’re looking to stretch your legs some, and explore an island on foot, there are some fascinating places to discover from the Virgin Islands National Park in St. John to the Bahamas National Trust Nature Centre and The Pitons in St. Lucia. Each trail offers fantastic scenery and gives you the opportunity to explore a side of the islands that you might not have even known existed.

Historical Sites in the Caribbean

Historical Sites / Architecture

The islands are brimming with stories from the sea, the shores and the mountain tops. Tales of piracy and the history of early settlers live on in the forts, mines, museums, churches, burial sites and estates around the islands. Better known for its land and sea, the Caribbean is also home to a wealth of historic buildings. As a region colonized by Spanish, French, British, and Dutch settlers, its architecture reflect an unparalleled variety of colonial influences. The wealth of the island’s sugar estates has left behind a tradition of great houses, while inter-European conflict can still be traced to many well-preserved forts and naval bases. Spanish cathedrals and convents, Dutch gabled warehouses, English country houses, and French ironwork market buildings–all these have survived the perils of earthquakes and hurricanes. There are well over a thousand sites and historical events across the region ready to be explored by you.

The Baths in the BVI

Photography / Scenery / Natural Wonders

The natural beauty of the Caribbean is by far the greatest treasure. If you are thinking about cruising around the amazing islands of the Caribbean there are some natural wonders which will simply take your breath away when you encounter them. The Baths are one the most popular scenic destinations and a Caribbean snorkeler’s paradise, a jumble of ancient underwater boulders that form a series of caves, grottos and pools along the coast of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands make for any picture-perfect moment. The Baths are just the start of the best scenic views that make up the must-see list on your vacation.