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At Virgin Island Sailing, we promise you the sailing vacation of a lifetime! We have numerous extremely satisfied charterers, and many of them have written us with positive testimonials regarding their vacations. Below are just a handful of the yacht charter reviews that we’ve received.

We use our 30+ years of experience to find you the best yacht charter and we use our partnerships to ensure the best rates and discounts.

There are many advantages to booking a yacht charter with Virgin Island Sailing® – complimentary cruising guide book, Vacation Planner with insights and recommendations, assistance resolving issues, and our 20% Guarantee for Yacht Changes. Plus you will enjoy working with our highly rated Charter Experts and Concierge Team.

St. Vincent Crewed Yacht Charter Review | January 2024

VI Sailing Team

“Very easy working with the broker and concierge team. Good amount of communication.

Vacation Planner was informative and easy to understand.”

Yacht & Crew

“Groovy was very homey.

Crew were outstanding. Steve and Monica were wonderful. We enjoyed every aspect.

Monica made healthy and wonderful dishes.

We loved learning and exploring the Grenadines.”

– Aileen Brown, January 2024

Crewed BVI Yacht Charter Review | December 2023

VI Sailing Team

“First time booking with a charter broker and found the experience to be very easy. We would book our next yacht vacation with Virgin Island Sailing.”

Yacht & Crew

“Yacht was very comfortable and clean. Actually, pretty luxurious!

Crew was friendly and accommodating. Met our every need. Food was fabulous and always a gourmet treat.

If you’re looking for an experience that combines unique adventure, beautiful scenery and fantastic food, then this is the vacation for you. We had a wonderful time sailing, snorkeling, and fishing. The food was truly exceptional, as were the drinks. Captain Blaine completely spoiled us, and every detail was perfect. His knowledge of the Virgin Islands is amazing and he sailed us to many interesting spots. All in all a wonderful trip.”

– Julie Gagnon, December 2023


BVI Crewed Yacht Charter Review | December 2023

VI Sailing Team

“First time booking with a charter broker and found the experience to be very easy with a good amount of communication.

Vacation planner was thorough, informative and easy to understand.”

Yacht & Crew

“Yacht was extremely comfortable and very clean. Our berth had great ventilation and air conditioning.

We felt as if we were guests of friends who addressed our every need.

Wonderful food with beautiful presentation. Everyday the galley smells were wonderful!

Captain Blaine and mate Vicki were knowledgeable, kind, interesting, and fun. Abundance was so well appointed and well maintained.

Wonderful yacht, comfortable and well appointed. Friendly, fun, capable crew.”

– Julie Larson, December 2023

British Virgin Islands Bareboat Yacht Charter Review | December 2023

VI Sailing Team

“This was my first overall charter experience. And had no prior exposure to working with a broker. The entire service team was exemplary in every way.

In my specific case, I had to cancel my original booking, then cancel my rebooked trip. So this “first” experience for me required so many different lines of communications with various members of the VIS team.

I’m very pleased with the level of professionalism to guide me through all phases of the booking process.

I will give VI Sailing my highest recommendations.”

Charter Company & Yacht

“On arrival day, we got to the marina after office hours. Our sleep-aboard was prepared and provisions that arrived earlier were properly unpacked and stored. The dock-crew was very helpful to quickly orient us to basic operations of the generator, air conditioning, and bathroom/plumbing systems.

This yacht was brand new. Apparently we were the 2nd charter. But in many ways, it seemed we were the first to use it. Yacht was extremely clean, inside & out.

This was our first experience in the BVI. The cruising grounds over-delivered on already high expectations. There’s so much to do! And the overall size of the cruising grounds allows for many boaters to evenly distribute throughout the island attractions, versus centralizing on a few spots.

We’ll definitely be looking to come back soon, with friends and family.”

– Alan Russell, December 2023

BVI All-Inclusive Yacht Charter Review | December 2023

VI Sailing Team

“Kelly was very helpful and on top of everything.

Things kept changing and she kept me posted which I appreciated.”

Yacht & Crew

“Extremely wonderful and gracious. Could not have been better. And I could repeat that and still not do them justice. Fun, friendly, open, informative, smart, creative, utterly delightful in every way. We all had a great time.

Our chef Ellie Archer was exceptional. She maintained the highest level of quality food and deliciousness throughout the entire trip – never letting down. We really appreciated her. She is an incredibly hard worker. Her food is excellent and healthy and varied. She was on top of all our preferences and treated us to the most wonderful meals everyday! She is a talented chef.

Our captain James Ellwood took us to the most gorgeous places we’ve been! He knew how to find remote calm waters and lots of snorkeling and other things like hikes and a floating taco bar. He worked very hard at making everything the best possible adventure for us. Loved the area – BVI & USVI.”

– Shachnow Audrey, December 2023


BVI Bareboat Charter Review | November 2023

VI Sailing Team

“All went extremely well throughout the whole process.

We were well informed and all questions were quickly resolved.”

Charter Company & Yacht

“The Mooring staff were exceptional. The Moorings is a top rated company in my opinion. Every need was cheerfully met.

The yacht, Leopard 50, is the best sailing catamaran we have chartered. It points well and sails closer to the wind than other cats. The sail plan is efficiently laid out and easy to manage.

I’ve been chartering in the BVI for 30 years. I guess you could say I like it!”

– Michael P Ferris, November 2023

BVI Bareboat Charter Review | November 2023

VI Sailing Team

“Very easy working with our broker and the concierge team.

Will always book our next yacht vacation with Virgin Island Sailing.”

Charter Company & Yacht

“Five Navigare charters the last couple of years and Kokomo was by far the most well maintained and well provisioned boat we have been on. You can tell the owners really care and I will seek this boat out again on future BVI charters.

I have nothing but great things to say about Navigare.

Nothing beats the BVI!”

– Robert Thompson, November 2023

British Virgin Islands Bareboat Yacht Charter Review | November 2023

VI Sailing Team

“First time booking with a charter broker and there was a good amount of communication. Working with the Concierge Team was very easy.

Was pleasantly surprised by full time wifi.”

Charter Company & Yacht

“BVI great. Book great.

So fortunate and grateful. God made amazing places.

10 days on a boat. 10 island stops. 5 on mooring ball/anchor.

Snorkeling every stop including wreck of Rhone.”

– Sandy Williamson, November 2023

British Virgin Islands Crewed Yacht Charter Review | August 2023

VI Sailing Team

“Always a pleasure. They were very quick and accommodating with two problems that I presented them with.

Great service out of everyone!”

Yacht & Crew

“Yacht was fantastic!

Trevor and Sarah were great! Knowledgeable, accommodating, and very professional. Food was perfect for our taste and likes and amount.

This was our 3rd sail and we have been very fortunate to have very diverse but great crews in their own unique ways.

Trevor and Sarah will hold a special place in our hearts just due to how accommodating and well we worked together!”

– Brent Stephens, August 2023


BVI Bareboat Charter Review | August 2023

VI Sailing Team

“Team as always was great.

Our 10th time using your service.

Great in assisting us to find the right boat for our family.”

Charter Company & Yacht

“Eric was great. Complete and thorough.

The yacht was perfect. No issues.

Navigare was great.”

– Andy Willis, August 2023

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