What Type of Captain Only Yacht Do You Want?

See also Bareboat Charters which a skipper can be hire to captain.




No Experience, No Problem on Captain Only Charters | Bareboat Plus Skipper Charters


Want a yacht vacation but have no sailing / boating experience? Do you want to relax instead of driving the boat? Or maybe you enjoy cooking, maybe you don’t want an all-inclusive experience or you are looking for a vacation within your budget.

A Captain Only yacht charter is the perfect vacation for you!

Like a fully crewed yacht vacation your professional captain will seek your input and suggest a cruising itinerary tailored to your group’s activity and excursion preferences.

You are welcome to learn to sail and take the wheel for a bit, or simply sit back, relax and enjoy all the pleasures that the heavenly islands have to offer.

Each day on a Captain Only yacht charter is filled with blissful adventures sailing, swimming, kicking off your sandals to feel the sand between your toes and lounging in the warm tropical sunshine. When you don’t feel like cooking, don’t worry – there are plenty of opportunities to partake in the local cuisine and nightlife – daily in most chartering destinations. 

Captain Only charters are offered on sailing catamarans, sailing monohulls and power catamarans. See also Bareboat Charters which a skipper can be hire to captain.

 A Captain Only charter offers the best waterfront accommodations with a new adventure every day, but without the responsibility of driving a yacht.

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Captain Only Yacht Charters vs Bareboat Plus Skipper Sailing Charter

There are two types of captained yacht charters that involve renting a yacht for your vacation: Captain Only or Bareboat Plus Skipper.

A Captain Only yacht has the same captain/skipper on board for all charters, so you know who the captain is in advance. The Captain Only yachts also tend to include more water toys and sometimes will have a first mate on board too.

Another popular chartering option is a Bareboat plus Skipper. With this option a freelance skipper would be hired just for your bareboat charter.  You don’t know who the skipper is in advance, but the charter company only hires skippers they use on a regular basis whom are of course professional and very knowledgeable about the cruising area.

For both options your sailing itinerary remains entirely flexible according to your choice of interests such as sailing, relaxing, exploring, snorkeling, and bar-hopping for example. The captains know the location thoroughly and will personalize an itinerary to match your preferences. One of the greatest benefits of a yacht vacation is that you are not set to a strict schedule! Your itinerary stays very flexible and can be adjusted each day as desired.

Please keep in mind, however, that on a Captain Only or Bareboat with Skipper charter you will be responsible for meal planning, cooking, provisioning, and cleaning. With a Captain Only yacht, the captain may occasionally prepare a few meals and assist with provisioning. With a Bareboat Plus Skipper, you can shop at your destinations or order provisions in advance.

If you do not want the hassle of meal planning, cooking and provisioning while on vacation you might want to consider one of our Crewed Charter options where everything is taken care of for you. Learn more about our Crewed Charters.

If you are unsure about which option is best for your vacation our Charter Experts can help you make that decision. We understand that your preference is a yacht with a captain, and we will review all possible options to help you in selecting the best yacht for your group and budget needs. Call (800) 382-9666 to speak with one of our Charter Experts.

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