Yacht Charter Vacations Are Fun For Everyone!

A yacht charter is the ultimate customizable vacation!

  • Is spending a week on a catamaran with friends your idea of fun, or would you choose spending a week of quality time with family?
  • Do you prefer spending your day at a popular beach bar, or planning a romantic escape?
  • Do you love the idea of water sports every day, or rather the solitude of sailing completely on wind power?… maybe you want a bit of both!
  • No matter what your interpretation of fun is, a sailing vacation can truly offer fun for everyone!

Our Virgin Island Sailing® Charter Experts know the yachts and destinations better than anyone. Just let us know what your group wants to experience, and we’ll take it from there!





Moonlit evenings aboard with old friends and good wine, or good friends and old wine – either way, sounds like a good plan. Whether your group is all couples, couples and singles, all girls or all guys – we can find a boat that will accommodate your needs. Not only is a sailing vacation an absolute blast to share with your friends, it’s also a great way to share the costs.


A sailing vacation is 100% kid friendly! This is an opportunity for them to unplug and enjoy the fun of being outdoors. Kids love sailing, but also enjoy the paddle boarding, kayaking and if they’re responsible enough, maybe they can help captain the dinghy. On a sailing vacation there are endless opportunities to make family memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Party of Two

A party of two can be a couple, friends, siblings, or a parent and child. A yacht charter vacation gives you time to create new bonds and to strengthen long term relationships. Virgin Island Sailing® can assist you in finding a private yacht for just the two of you – with a crew if you prefer, or assist you in reserving a private cabin on a shared catamaran charter.

Corporate Team Building

Team building is an inherent side effect of a yachting trip, so if you’re looking to build the unity of your office team – this is a great solution. Your team can either sit back and bond while relaxing, or can have a role in the sailing and other boat-life activities. Depending on your needs, we can arrange friendly sailing competitions, water sports competitions and treasure hunts.

Adventure Seekers

A bareboat or crewed yacht charter is the epitome of adventure. What’s more adventurous than exploring different places every day – above and below sea level, not having a schedule, traveling across the ocean and living on the water for a week? On a sailing vacation, you can satisfy your adventurous spirit on board a modern yacht that still has your desired creature comforts.

Sports Enthusiasts

What level of adrenaline rush do you want? On your yacht charter vacation, the first sport you will experience is sailing. Enjoy a smooth yet thrilling ride on a catamaran or enjoy a more exhilarating experience on a monohull. The water sports don’t stop once you’re anchored – jump in the water for snorkeling, kayaking and paddle boarding. On the crewed yachts, we can match your group to yachts that have water skiing, wakeboarding, tubing, sea scooters, kitesurfing or a jet ski.


Whether you choose to vacation in the flavorful Caribbean, the artisan Mediterranean, or the exotic South Pacific – every destination is a food connoisseur’s dream. Award winning chefs elevate high quality and locally grown ingredients into a party for your tastebuds and a feast for your other senses. Food lovers can experience food ecstasy around the clock aboard a crewed yacht charter with a gourmet chef that customizes the menu to your preferences. Here are a few of the mouth-watering masterpieces: fluffy Italian crepita filled with vanilla ricotta, bananas and strawberries; confit duck ravioli with sage and hazelnut butter; fresh lobster in bearnaise sauce served with truffle risotto; homemade profiteroles filled with crème diplomat and coated in dark chocolate sauce.


For those who enjoy a lively atmosphere with cold drinks, great music and a fun crowd, a yacht charter vacation has no shortage of establishments for you to frequent. You can visit a variety of beach bars, pubs and restaurants that know how to draw in the fun with their amazing scenic settings, iconic cocktails, music, games and themed parties – like full moon parties in the Caribbean. Any reason is a reason for a party! You don’t have to go shore to partake in a fun time – a sailing vacation affords you the ability to bring your own party aboard.


A bareboat or crewed yacht charter is a perfect romantic getaway. You can enjoy the solitude of your own yacht and leisurely decide what you want to do and where you want to go. Destination weddings, engagements and anniversaries are very common on a sailboat charter. The scenery is perfect for romance with the majestic allure of the ocean, the intoxicating beauty of the beaches and the natural elegance of the sunsets. Romantic opportunities are abounding!


A sailboat charter is one of the most eco-friendly vacations possible. The wind is your main power source for travel, and rechargeable batteries are your source of electricity. During your week-long sailing vacation you can choose to use very little fuel without compromising your comfort on board. Additionally, we encourage the use of reusable water bottles and biodegradable items as much as possible. Enjoy nature and don’t leave an ecological footprint during your sailing vacation.

Disclaimer: If you don’t like to have fun, relax, and make memories with your loved ones, a sailing vacation may not be fun for you.