What Type of Catamaran Charter Do You Want?

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Catamarans are the Most Popular Charter Yachts Worldwide

Catamaran charter destinations include the Caribbean, Europe, South Pacific and other exotic locations. Catamarans are well-known for their smooth sailing experience with optimal comfort and space. They are built with distinct features consisting of  two main structures (hulls) sitting in the water and a very wide beam (width of vessel).

From the moment you step on board your catamaran charter, you will be amazed at both the exterior and interior spaciousness. The cockpit is extra large by boat standards with spectacular island views and enough seating space for passengers to rest in the shade or dine alfresco in the fresh tropical air. The interior of a catamaran is also amazingly well appointed. The beautifully designed elevated main salon is perfect for lounging and entertaining. With wrap around windows, it makes for a panoramic dining experience.

The galley is roomy enough for more than one cook which makes on board meal preparation part of the shared fun of a bareboat catamaran charter. If you charter a private all inclusive crewed catamaran charter which includes a gourmet chef, food enthusiasts have plenty of space in the galley to admire the chef’s culinary talents.

In regards to the sleeping accommodations, the dual hull layout allows for ample privacy since the cabins are located in opposite corners of the yacht. The cabins are spacious and most have an ensuite head (bathroom). In catamarans over 40 feet, there is typically enough room for queen-sized rectangular beds, which allow for excellent sleeping comfort. In addition, a catamaran has more storage room than other yachts, so passengers do not have to worry about over packing.

Catamarans are available in every type of yacht charter: bareboat catamaran charter, crewed catamaran charter, captain only catamaran charter and shared (by the cabin) charter.

Catamarans are notorious for being extremely stable. Unlike mono-hulls which tend to heel (tilt) to one side, catamarans remain level while sailing. This stability helps prevent any tendency towards seasickness and allows passengers, especially first-time sailors and children to have a more enjoyable sailing experience. Plus for children, this stability allows them the freedom to run and play on deck more often.

The inherent roominess of a catamaran allows your entire group to congregate on board or to find a quiet spot for themselves. On the deck, the area between the hulls has netting, aka the “trampoline”. This provides for another lounging space, and is the perfect location for sunbathing, dolphin watching, and the occasional refreshing ocean splash while sailing. The vast decks make moving around the catamaran seamless and there are no stairs when accessing the yacht’s interior.

Many manufacturers like Lagoon catamarans, Leopard catamarans and Fountaine Pajot catamarans design their yachts to be modern, elegant and performance oriented. Thus, your sailing adventure on a catamaran will unify both excitement and relaxation, plus you’ll have plenty of time for island exploration and water activities. Along with speed, catamarans are the easiest yachts to maneuver. A catamaran has two engines, one for each hull and each engine with its own throttle, so that you can turn the catamaran on its axis, making for the easiest possible mooring, anchoring and docking.

In addition, the short draft allows you to anchor in shallow water or closer to the beach, thus providing you with more anchorages and coves to choose from, as well as greater privacy. This is especially beneficial in locations like the Bahamas and Belize where the cruising area is shallow.

Whether you are looking for the perfect party boat with a group of friends or a safe cruising experience with family members of all ages, a catamaran charter has proven to be the ideal yacht for a sun-filled yachting vacation.