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Crewed Charter Frequently Asked Questions

A crewed yacht charter is renting a yacht with a captain and chef for your vacation. Depending on the yacht size and services offered, there may also be additional crew members on board. The yachts are designed to live aboard with bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and several areas for lounging, relaxing and enjoying the ride! All of the yachts also have a smaller boat, the “dinghy”, to transport you from the yacht to shore (always a short ride.)
The destinations where yacht vacations are offered are chosen because they offer an experience that is good for vacationing. Some locations have very short distances between the islands which makes the waters well protected against swells. Some locations have longer distances between islands for those that want to enjoy longer sails in more open waters; even those distances are accomplished within a day. For clients concerned about seasickness, the British Virgin Islands is our top recommended location because of the short sails.
There are four different kinds of yachts: sailing catamaran, sailing monohull which is a traditional type of sailboat, power catamarans and motor yachts. The sailing catamarans are the most popular type of yachts for these vacations because it’s stable while sailing or motoring between islands, it has a wide deck for extra space and has good size cabins - typically very equal in size. There is quite a variety of sailing catamarans from budget end to ultimate luxury. The sailing monohull is a good choice if you’re interested in more exhilarating sailing because it will lean to the side some while sailing. The power catamaran or motor yacht are good choices if you are not at all interested in doing any sailing and want a little more luxury.
There are several excellent destination options worldwide! See 10 Most Popular Destinations.
There are two types of crewed yacht charters: private and shared. On the private yachts, there are not any other guests on board - just your group and the crew. On the shared crewed yachts, there are other clients on board - the shared yachts typically accommodate 8-12 guests plus a crew of 2. See Shared Crewed Yacht Charters FAQs
On the private crewed yachts, the menus are customized to your group. The higher end luxury yachts will include fine dining while the more value yachts will still include quality meals, but more casual. You’ll complete a preference form in advance which is very detailed about your likes, dislikes, favorites types of foods, ect. The chefs are very experienced and often formally trained. They can usually meet any requests and dietary restrictions, plus enjoy creating an impressive presentation.
Caribbean: Alcohol is typically included on private crewed yachts - wine, beer and liquor are included as part of the "ship's bar". You’ll complete a preference form in advance to ensure the crew stocks the bar accordingly. The higher end luxury yachts will have a larger budget to include fine wines and premium liquors. The mid priced yachts often can also include premium liquors, depending on the quantities of all beverages requested. The more value yachts will still include good quality alcohol, but it may be local brands. Of the thousands of crewed yacht charters we’ve arranged, it has been very rare that clients request more alcohol than what’s included. The higher end luxury yachts will include fine dining while the more value yachts will still include quality meals, but more casual. Mediterranean: The pricing for most yachts in the Mediterranean is a base price for the yacht and crew, plus an Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) to cover the costs of meals and beverages. Any alcohol your request on your preference form will be purchased using the APA.
The itinerary for private crewed yachts is completely customized to your preferences of activities - sailing, snorkeling / diving, relaxing, bar hopping, exploring, ect. You’ll complete a preference form in advance that will give the crew insight into your expectations and interests. The crew know the territory very well and will tailor an initial itinerary to fit your requests. One of the best things about a private yacht vacation is that you are not on a schedule! Therefore, the itinerary stays very flexible and day by day can be adjusted.
Another great attribute about a yacht vacation is that you can choose your level of activity! Do you want to relax all day with a book, or do non-stop water sports all day, or somewhere in between? Every yacht is equipped differently, but most yachts tend to include basic waters sports like snorkeling equipment, stand up paddle boards or kayaks and floats. Some yachts include a wider range of water toys - these might include scuba diving, knee boarding, water-skiing, kite boarding and fishing. Some yachts also have floating islands, beach games, board games and movies. Every destination also offers several onshore activities. You can partake in the beach bars, hike, beach comb and definitely explore the unique natural and historical attractions.
The cost of crewed charters vary depending on the location, size of vessel, the age of the vessel, the experience level of the crew and the number of people on board. The duration of the yacht charter vacation is usually a week (7 nights), which is a good amount of time to explore the cruising area without feeling rushed. Generally, all food, beverages and water activities are included. Scuba diving may be an additional fee. 2 Guests: Starting at $8,000 4 Guests: Starting at $9,000, Popular $10-$13,000, High End $18-$25,000 6 Guests: Starting at $11,000, Popular $13-$16,000, High End $20-$30,000 8 Guests: Starting at $16,000, Popular $20-$27,000, High End $30-$50,000 10 Guests: Starting at $25,000, Popular $30-$40,000, High End $45-$70,000 12 Guests: Starting at $32,000, Common $50,000, High End $65-$80,000 Christmas and New Years usually have an additional fee.
The cost of a crewed charter does not include anything you do ashore, transfers to the yacht, dockage if requested and gratuity 15%-20% typical. Gratuity customary when the service merits it. The crews work hard to ensure your vacation exceeds your expectations.
Yes and it is recommended! You can purchase trip insurance from one of our recommended companies for approximately 7% of your vacation cost, See Link. Although no one expects to cancel their charter, last minute emergencies do happen. All companies have a no refund policy at a certain time before the charter. There are only a small percentage of charters that are cancelled, but in these cases the outcome is much better with trip insurance involved.
In the BVI many yachts are equipped with WiFi for a fee. Throughout the BVI and USVI there are also some WiFi hot spots. WiFi service is not available in more remote cruising areas, but please check with our Charter Experts.
You’ll only see pirates if you’re watching Pirates of the Caribbean during your trip! The areas where charters are offered are areas that are safe for visiting. Nowhere is “crime free” so we recommend normal precautions: be aware of your surroundings, lock the boat/dinghy when you go ashore and don’t leave valuables out in plain sight, and don’t walk in dark or sketchy areas.