What Type of Monohull Charter Do You Want?

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Monohull Sailboats are the Most Thrilling Charter Yachts

Virgin Island Sailing® offers world-class destinations ideal for sailing vacations. Perhaps one of the best ways to island hop throughout these destinations is onboard a monohull yacht charter. Sailing enthusiasts love the classic lines and sensational feeling of a monohull sailboat. Whether you charter a bareboat to command yourself, or a crewed yacht with a professional crew, a week of true sailing and relaxing is destined.

The absolute highlight of sailing on a monohull is the excitement of feeling all of the boat’s movements. Monohull means “one hull” thus the perfect description for this vessel with one main structure (hull) sitting in the water.

Imagine yourself gently cutting through the turquoise water on a smooth sail between islands. As the tradewinds fill the sails, the magic happens. The yacht heels (leans) to one side just enough to be exhilarating and then you are on the move, completely propelled by the wind. There is no hum of an engine, just the sound of the waves, wind, tropical music and the laughter of your friends and family.

Along the way, it becomes time to change course. The captain calls out “get ready to tack”, and everyone settles in their spot. The captain pulls in the rope slack and tightens up the sails, then turns the helm for a quick maneuver in the desired direction. The wind promptly moves over the bow and fills up the sails on the opposite side. The monohull reacts with a proportional shift of heeling from one side to the other, and it steadily starts gaining speed again.

Many sailboat manufacturers like Beneteau, Jeanneau and Bavaria design their yachts to be performance-oriented, so coupled with desired amenities, they’re perfect for cruising. A monohull is completely safe and will not capsize, but you will “batten down the hatches”, meaning secure anything from sliding – especially your bottles of rum and wine.

Monohull sailboats are available for bareboat sailing charters or crewed sailing charters. For captain only charters, we can hire a captain for your bareboat sailing charter. Shared charters are available on catamarans – shared (by the cabin) charters.

The cockpit of monohulls are designed with a set of bench seats, with one on each side of the centered table. The seating is perfect for everyone to safely enjoy the amazing island views and has enough room to rest in the shade or dine alfresco in the open air. The table in the cockpit has sides that expand during meals, cocktails or game time.

The interior of a monohull has all the features expected for living onboard: galley, salon, cabins and heads (bathrooms). Monohull cabins are typically suitable for 2 people each. The larger the sailboat is, the larger the cabins are. Bareboat monohulls range in size from 32’ with 2 cabins and 1 head to 54’ with 4-5 cabins and 4-5 heads. Some of the larger bareboats vessels are designed with 2-3 cabins to accommodate less people in a more spacious setting. Crewed charter monohulls start at 50’, with many in the 70’ – 80’ range offering the optimal luxury, yet traditional sailing adventure.

On the deck, a monohull has open spaces that are perfect for sunbathing or reading a book while at anchor. During the evening, there is a slight rocking motion that has been attributed to an excellent night of sleep. Since monohulls inherently have more motion than catamarans, we recommend chartering a catamaran for anyone with a tendency towards seasickness. A catamaran is also recommended for anyone without reliable balance.

There is nothing better than the freedom a monohull sailboat yacht charter gives you to sail anywhere you like at any time you desire. If you are seeking a breathtaking, fun sailing adventure, contact Virgin Island Sailing® today.