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 1 out of 5

Charter Dates:01/19/2024-01/27/2024

Charter Company & Yacht
Please answer the following questions pertaining to the charter company and the yacht you chartered.
Rating of Charter Company & Yacht: 1
Upon arrival and during your charter, were the staff of the charter company friendly and accommodating?
No. Terrible.
Did the staff do a good job familiarizing you with the yacht and its equipment?
Left details off.
Almost angry personnel at check out.
Was the yacht clean and in good working condition?
No sound system.
Was the yacht's cooking and cleaning equipment sufficient?
Was the yacht well ventilated?
Generator intermittent
Additional comments about the charter company and yacht you chartered?
I will never use Dream Yacht Charters again.

 4 out of 5

Charter Dates: 12/09/2023-12/16/2023

Name on Your Reservation: Tiffany LaFontaine
Are you the Lead Charterer or a Guest? Lead Charterer
Yacht Name: Dream Carriacou
Yacht & Crew
Please answer the following questions pertaining to the yacht you chartered and the crew.
Rating of Yacht & Crew: 4
Was the yacht comfortable and clean?
The yacht was very clean, and the cabins were comfortable, except for the air-conditioning situation. The kitchen was kept clean and the guest were also very tidy.
Was the yacht well ventilated?
No, four out of six cabins did not have air-conditioning functioning, and the generator was turned off at 10 PM every night, as expected, but with no discussion to try and keep it running. The cabins were sweltering during the night, and a few guests ended up sleeping on deck to get fresh air.
Was the crew friendly and accommodating?
The chief stewardess was very friendly and accommodating, even though she spoke very little English. She was always smiling, always joking with the guest, interacting, and being extraordinarily accommodating. We loved having her on board.

The captain was not as warm and welcoming, and interacted very little with non-speaking guests. When the French speaking guest requested that he speak English, he denied that request. He seemed perfectly in his Sailing abilities, just not very friendly. Did make an American insult our last night by saying he was surprised that we liked the food on board because it wasn’t hamburgers and had flavor. we were expecting the sentiment expressed, as we were the only two American guest on board.
Was the food good and well presented?
The food was great and well presented. Alice took great pride and her meal preparation and served everything with great affection and was accommodating to individual request.
8. Additional comments about the yacht and crew?
It would be extremely helpful to know if you are the only English-speaking guests on board. It was a bit uncomfortable, having very little communication with the crew and additional guest for an entire week.