Where Would You Like to Charter a Luxury Superyacht?


Prefer a different destination? We offer Superyachts in any destination where they are available.

As charter brokers with 30+ years experience we represent yachts all over the world. We specialize in yacht charters ONLY and therefore we are totally independent and unbiased and are free to show you what we feel are the best yachts for your charter – with no outside influence from a sales or management division.

There is NO additional expense for our expertise in finding you the perfect yacht!

 PLEASE NOTE: Many superyachts that may be available for charter are not found online, so it’s best to contact us directly so that we can do a more thorough research of all the options that are available to you.


Superyacht Charters – The Ultimate Luxury Sailing Vacation

Be the master of your own destiny aboard your own private luxury Superyacht. These mega-yachts offer at least 100’ of indulgence, discretion and flexibility not offered by any other leisure travel option.

Your options are limitless with spectacular destinations, a variety of styles and amenities and unparalleled service. Your crew will tailor a bespoke experience, whether you wish to have your own scuba instructor, massage therapist, personal trainer, live entertainment – any service you may require.

Picture yourself enjoying a morning Cappuccino from your sundeck lounge chair overlooking sparkling blue waters and the stunning architecture ashore. The scent of orange blossoms and lavender are outdone only by the breakfast that arrives to be enjoyed al fresco – tailored to your preferences by your professional yacht chef.

Afterwards, the crew prepares your requested water toys, whether it be jet skis, inflatables or a quiet morning paddle-board. Perhaps you opt for a few hours of sun and an ocean dip. Artifacts from the ancients are hard to resist, so your crew unpacks the snorkeling or diving gear and guides you to the underwater world. Whatever adventure you desire is yours!

With the support and guidance of a reputable charter company, you are in control of your itinerary and level of activity. Simply choose your destination and let’s start planning!

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SUPERYACHTS: 100-150 feet SUPERYACHTS: 150-200 feet SUPERYACHTS: 200-300 feet


Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) / Local Tax (VAT) / Gratuities

The charter fee generally covers the hire of the yacht and crew. All other expenses are in addition to the charter fee and are covered by an Advance Provisioning Allowance or APA. The APA covers the cost of fuel, food, wines and liquors, dockage, communications, etc. (typically no less than 35% of charter fee). Any APA not used will be refunded to you at the end of the charter. If expenses exceed the APA (not typical, but maybe excessive cruising with high fuel costs, requests of rare liquors, etc.) you will reimburse the yacht at the end of the charter. A full list of expenses will be prepared before you leave the yacht. Local tax (VAT) is additional and varies by country. Finally, it is also customary to tip the crew 15-20% of the charter fee for a job well done. However the amount is always at your discretion. The crews work hard to ensure you have an excellent trip and appreciate gratuities.


Mega Yacht vs Superyacht

A superyacht is a yacht longer than 80 feet (24 meters) and the smallest mega yachts tend to be around 200 feet (60 meters) long. All mega yachts are superyachts, but not all superyachts are mega yachts. Mega yachts will generally carry larger crews to maintain the yacht, as well as to offer a spectacular level of service.