Packing Tips for a Bareboat Yacht Charter

Overpacking is a common mistake when going on a Bareboat or Captain Only yacht charter vacation. You will be in your bathing suits, cover-ups and beach sandals almost the entire time, so try your best to keep your packing to a minimum.

Clothes Packing Guidelines for a One-Week Charter:

  • 2-3 bathing suits and cover-ups/wraps
  • 2 comfortable pairs of flip flops
  • 1 pair of water shoes (optional)
  • 1 pair of sneakers with two pairs of socks
  • 3-5 outfits (We know this doesn’t seem like enough, but it is)
  • Underclothes and Pajamas (you can be the judge on this)
  • Laundry facilities are available in a pinch, but may require going off your itinerary.
  • Storage space is limited on board, so bring soft-sided luggage or duffel bags if possible, which can be stowed easily. If you prefer not to bring soft-sided luggage, you can unpack your suitcase and push it off to the side of your cabin.
  • Occasionally luggage is delayed so we recommend packing a few essentials in your carry-on bag: valuables, some toiletries and a swimsuit.
  • Remember to put one outfit aside for your flight home.
  • Be sure to abide by current airline guidelines pertaining to carry-on items.

We recommend leaving your hair dryer at home, and bringing minimal makeup. If you want to have a hair dryer or an electric shaver, check the electric outlets on the yacht specs.

We recommend not bringing too much jewelry.

Money: Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted. You’ll need cash for overnight moorings $30/night, taxis and small items like ice.

Additional Items to Bring:

  • Important Documents: ID / Passports, COVID-19 test results or other protocol related documentation COVID-19 Travel Updates
  • Beach towels – Check the yacht specs to see if beach towels are already included. Even if they are, it can be nice to have beach towels that are not all the same color – especially with children on board so they can be accountable for hanging up their towel.
  • Beach bag
  • Toiletries, including a good moisturizer/lotion
  • Medications (Please note that medical marijuana is not permitted in most destinations).
  • Sun Protection: Sunscreen (not oil-based), SPF lip protection, sun glasses and hats.
  • Insect repellant
  • Camera or Phone Camera (consider purchasing a waterproof case and / or a case that you can use to take underwater pictures)
  • Deck of cards or other games
  • Books, magazines, journal – or electronic versions: iPad, Kindle
  • Your favorite playlist
  • Chargers for electronic items. Check the yacht specs to see what outlets are on board (at a minimum 12V / cigarette lighter style).
  • Planning chart (a cruising guide is on board).

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Comfort | Budget Items to Pack:

  • Large frying pan for groups or more than 6 people
  • Drink koozies if you drink bottled drinks
  • Inexpensive blow-up water floats if you usually like using them
  • Storage baggies (some gallon and sandwich sizes)
  • Spices (picnic-style disposable salt and pepper, and a small quantity of your other favorite spices).
  • Powder drink mixes that mix with water. Iced tea, lemonade, crystal light and so on.
  • Coffee
  • Flavored coffee creamer (powder)
  • Snacks that don’t crush easily. Granola bars, mixed nuts/dried fruit, Pringles chips, crackers, and so on.
  • Dried foods – not too much. Rice, pasta, cereal and so on.
  • Condiments – again, not too much. Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, salad dressing, hot sauce, peanut butter, jelly and so on. You usually want to bring the smallest sizes you can find and in plastic containers.
  • Tuna or any other canned foods that don’t take up too much space.
  • Paper plates & plastic cups – your boat will be fully stocked with dinnerware, but you may prefer to not wash dishes on charter.

These items are suggested either because the quantities available in local stores are too much for one week, or because they are quite expensive. It is helpful to plan a rough menu prior to your trip to decide which items you actually need to bring. If you don’t want to worry about packing any food items, that’s okay. The local store selection is very good and there are several options for getting the yacht completely provisioned. There are also stores in the cruising area to re-provision or pick up anything you forget.

Remember to Order / Purchase Locally:

Basic rule of thumb is: anything you will consume or throw away, you need to supply.

  • Cleaning Supplies: Air freshener, toilet cleaner, dish soap (some yachts have a starting supply), and other cleaners.
  • Trash & Storage Bags: Yachts will have a trash bag in each trash can to get you started. You need to supply any Ziplock bags if desired. The yacht will have plastic storage containers.
  • Paper Products: Toilet paper, paper towels – Starting supply included, but you will need more. Also, paper plates and cups if desired.
  • Charcoal & grilling necessities. Check yacht specs for the type of BBQ grill on board.
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Most Important Tip:

  • Relax and have a great time!
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